A Visit From Fern the Lamb

Posted on July 31st, 2016. Filed under: General News, Room One News.
Baby Fern the lamb

Meet baby Fern, BBC’s new lamb!

Last week, we had a very special visitor to BBC. Fern (who will be living with us full time once she is a little bit older) spent some time in the Over Two’s outdoor area, and in Room One, where the Room One children had a chance to feed her with her bottle.

Fern is only a week old, and was orphaned at birth, so she was adopted by Building Blocks Childcare. We are looking forward to having a lamb with us in the paddock as the children will spend time caring for her and watching her grow.

Animals can be effective tools in child development, as they can teach empathy, responsibility and nurturing and caring skills. Children become exposed to different aspects of nature and early science concepts when helping out at the farm, and become very inquisitive about the natural world.

We can’t wait until Fern is with us full time!

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