Room Two’s Latest Science Experiment

Posted on May 19th, 2016. Filed under: General News, Room Two News.

April 2016

Last month, Room Two at Building Blocks Childcare performed a science experiment using two pieces of bread.


Step One:

The children were split into two groups. Group One had to wash their hands, and Group Two kept their hands dirty.

Step Two:
Each group had their own piece of bread, and
it was passed around so the children could rub their hands on it. Once each group was finished passing the bread around, the pieces were put in their own separate zip lock bags.








The children then discussed their hypotheses. What would happen to the bread? Which bread would grow more germs?

The group consensus was that Group Two’s bread would grow more germs.

Science at work!Step Three:
We checked the bread daily to see if there were any changes. It wasn’t until the fourth day that the children began to notice Group Two’s bread changing colour, while Group One’s bread stayed the same.

The children were very excited when they started to see changes and enjoyed discussing the mouldy bread. We love doing science experiments in Room Two because they are interesting, and allow the children to explore and learn in a different way. They have asked to do an experiment using dirty and clean feet next time! That should be interesting!

Science in an early childhood setting is best learned through active involvement, where children can discover and construct their own ideas. When children are engaged both physically and mentally, they begin to investigate and manipulate their environment in order to answer questions and satisfy their innate curiosities. Through this experiment, the children developed their ability to ask questions, make hypotheses, and cooperate in group settings.

And most importantly, this was an excellent way to illustrate the importance of hand washing!