Welcome to Room One!

In this room, as throughout the centre, we value the importance of strong, respectful relationships as the foundation for all the other learning that will then be able to take place.

Research tells us that from birth to 3 years old, we grow the quickest, our brains develop the detailed wiring that is needed in every aspect of life, our sense of self is established and we truly begin to understand the power of communication.

Independent toileting and self care, exploration of their own will and huge language development are just some of the many exciting changes your child will be going through during their time in this room. Teachers are patient, gentle and calm while encouraging your child’s’ increasing independence. The environment is set up keeping in mind their need to climb and develop their gross motor skills as well as provide a variety of open ended resources to enable them to explore and discover and while using their fine motor control.

We continue our Key Caring system in this room although to a different extent. The Key Carer will still be your child’s main support when they first start in this new environment and this person will initially be the main person looking after your child’s care needs while they are settling.