Welcome to Building Blocks Infants & Toddlers!

Needless to say we all want the best for our children. Which is why it is so important that when you are looking for care for your little one you take your time and look around at all the available options.

At Building Blocks Childcare & Early Learning Centre we have a unique approach that provides you and your child with an experience that will build solid foundations for their future in a forever changing world.

As a team we draw information and knowledge from many different sources, however our practices and philosophy are strongly influenced by Magda Gerber and Emmi Pikler. Part of this philosophy is an emphasis on ‘Free movement’ for babies. It is our belief that babies be allowed to develop physically at their own pace and therefore should not be ‘propped to sit’ or put in ‘tummy time’ until they can get into these positions themselves. Research proves that babies allowed to develop in this natural way have greater physical control, more confidence and better posture. For more detailed information you may like to read some of the information in our Infant & Toddler ‘articles’ section.

At Building Blocks we know that loving and nurturing relationships with caregivers, along with positive, self initiated and uninterrupted ‘play’ experiences, significantly affect the brain development of babies and young children.

We use a Key Caregiver system whereby you and your child will have one main teacher who will be the first teacher your child will begin to build a bond with. They will be the one who will be with your child during their care-giving times such as eating, changing nappies/clothes, going for a sleep etc. They will help you and your child settle in when you first start. This is also the person to whom you pass on any information you may need to share e.g. How their night was, if they are particularly tired, unsettled etc. Each Key Carer also has a ‘seconder’ for the times when your Key Carer is unavailable or away. This system works exceptionally well, and is hugely beneficial for you and your child. For further information on Key Caring and other interesting topics, please see our Infant & Toddler ‘articles’section.