Enrollment Information

Settling in


  • There is no charge for visits as long as you stay at the centre with your child.
  • You are most welcome to ring the centre at any time to see how your child is doing.
  • Please don’t hesitate to discuss any issues with your child’s teacher, we are here to help.

Infants & Toddlers

The more times you are able to visit the easier it will be for your infant or toddler to settle. This will give them an opportunity to become familiar with their new environment while still having the security of having Mum or Dad near by. While you are visiting, your Key Carer will be able to start building a relationship with your child which again will make it much easier for them to settle in.
When you have decided it’s time to go, please insure your child is aware you are going and say goodbye. Then continue to go even if your child appears upset. Your child’s Key Carer will be there to provide comfort and re-assure them. A prolonged good by is much more difficult for your child, so try and keep it cheery, short and sweet!

Transition to Room One is done gradually and although age is used as a guideline,(approx 2yrs) there is a set of criteria that are considered to ensure your child is ready for this transition. Your Key Carer will provide you with more details when this time is nearing.

Room One

If your child is new to the centre, the more times you are able to visit the more comfortable your child will feel when starting.

If you are transitioning from our Infant and Toddler Room, your Childs’ key-carer will visit with them initially and when ready they will visit on their own. This is usually a very smooth transition and children are more than ready when they move over ‘permanently’ (children are always able to visit their old ‘stomping ground’).

It can be helpful for a child if you can go over a ‘drop off routine’ with them. This may go something like “after you have put your bag away you can choose one story that we can read together. Then it’s time for Mummy/Daddy to go. A kiss/cuddle and then you can go to the waving window to wave good bye.” Some children may do better if you can help them settle into an activity before you go. Whatever you decide, go over it with them and stick to the same routine. Children find comfort in the knowing and security that routines give them.

Room Two

If your child is transitioning from Room One, you will find this to be a very easy transition. The children are already familiar with the teachers and will often have spend quite a bit of time in the room on different occasions. For new children we recommend a few visits before they start to familiarize them with the teachers and their new environment. It may be helpful for your child if you are able to settle them into an activity before you leave, or they may like to wait at the window to wave good bye to you.

What to bring


During winter months please bring along a rain jacket and gumboots as our motto is ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing’ ,so children are still able to explore and venture outside, rain or shine! Slippers are also a good idea, (or non-slip socks).

During summer it is essential your child has a hat, preferably one with side and back flaps. Unfortunately due to our NZ sun being so strong, children without a hat on are not able to play outside. It works well if they have one that can be left at the centre.

Please ensure all items are named.

Infants & Toddlers

You will be given a basket for you to put in all your child’s item’s for the day. These would include:

  • 2 full changes of clothes (minimum)
  • Any comfort items (cuddly, soft toy, etc.)
  • Bottom cream (if your child requires anything different than the zinc and castor oil which we provide)

We provide disposable nappies. These will be charged automatically onto your account. (see fees list)

Room One & Two

Your child will need a bag with at least two changes of clothing. If they are learning to toilet independently they will more than likely need a few more.

Your child will need a named drink bottle with water. For hygiene purposes please take this home at the end of each day to be washed.


Infants & Toddlers

If your baby is just starting solids, please discuss your requirements with your Key Carer. Older babies will have pureed fruit, baby rice etc for morning tea and a veggie mash for lunch. (sometimes with pureed beef or chicken.) Toddlers’ will have mash as well as finger foods and more ‘chunkier’ meals. Please see our menu board for actual meals served on the day.

Drinks are always water or milk.

If your child is having formula feeds, you will need to bring enough bottles for their time at the centre. Please ensure these are clearly labeled and put in the fridge on arrival. You will need to take these home daily to be cleaned/sterilized as they will only be rinsed at BBC.

Our younger children have one on one time with their Key Carer during meal times. (on their caregivers lap). When they are ready, they will move onto our small table and stools where they have their meals with 2-3 other children and a teacher. These times are highly interactive and provide huge opportunity for learning. Please see our parent education section on our website for more detailed information on meal times, or talk to your child’s Key Carer.

Room One & Two

Our chef is at the centre 5 hours daily ensuring the children are provided with nutritionally balanced snacks and lunch. Morning tea consists of fruit and toast and afternoon tea is fruit and a variety of things such as cheese and crackers, baking, pop corn etc. Lunch will generally be a hot cooked lunch. You can find full details on the menu. Also check out our daily menu board.

Drinks are mainly water. At times it may be diluted juice or milk (Milo in winter).

Sleep/rest time

Room Two

The children who still require a sleep will either go to Room One or will sleep in a quiet spot in Room Two. All other children have a rest time or quiet play time, depending on their needs.

Behavior guidance


Our basic rule at Building Blocks is – No child may hurt another child or intentionally damage property.

Please read our Behavior management policy.

Toddlers / Room One

It can be a challenging time for toddlers and young children when it comes to conflicts and some ‘less desirable’ behaviors. At this stage the world very much revolves around them. They are naturally self-centered. It is the stage of “Me, I want, I can, No”! This is healthy, normal development!

You may have read the ‘toddler’s creed’ somewhere?

If I want it, it’s mine
If I give it to you & I change my mind later, it’s mine
If I can take it away from you, it’s mine
If I had it a little while ago, it’s mine
If it’s mine, it will never belong to any body else, no matter what.
If we are building something together, all the pieces are mine.
If it looks like mine, it’s mine.

Toddlers often do not yet have the ability to use language to solve problems. It is normal for them to feel angry and frustrated at times, it’s normal for them to try dealing with that anger by fighting. They are exploring the world, and they get in each others’ way. They are also finding out the limits to what they can do to, or with, each other. Yelling, grabbing, pushing, biting and hitting are all part of this exploration. The children in this stage are learning to use language to express their needs and feelings. This is a process that needs lots of practice ,support and patients, but they will get there!

Teachers will allow/encourage children to problem solve ‘disagreements’ themselves, holding back from immediately stepping in. (as long as no one is being hurt.) As an example you may see two children having a tug of war over a toy. A teacher will not necessarily step in immediately but be close at hand to step in when needed.

Room Two

Our basic rule at Building Blocks is – No child may hurt another child, intentionally damage property or disrupt another child’s play.

Teachers use redirection and positive reinforcement methods and discussions take place, with teachers guiding the children to come to a resolution, rather than the teacher ‘sorting out’ disputes.

Please discuss any concerns you may have with your child’s teacher.

Art work

Room One

Although the children in this room have lots of opportunities to participate in creative art activities, please remember that the focus for this developmental stage is very much on the process of doing rather than the end product. It is important we allow them to explore and gain the most out of this stage by not inadvertently encouraging and focusing on an end product or having something to take home.

Room Two

This is most important to the children on the day they have made it. Please remember to take home anything they may have made at the end of each day. Don’t worry if they do not have anything to take home at the end of the day, they will be finding plenty of other ways to be creative! For many children in this room it is still the process of doing that is important. (See Room One )

Children’s health

  • In an emergency medical help will be sought.
  • We will need to sight your vaccination card. Please bring this to the centre. Please inform us if you have chosen not to vaccinate.
  • If your child requires regular pain relief e.g. every 4 hrs, they are not well enough to be at the centre. In addition, regular use of panadol (or similar) may hide other more serious symptoms that will then be missed.


Please advise staff if your child is taking medication of any sort. If medicine is required to be taken during the day, fill out the medicine book and give the medication to a staff member (ensure your child’s name is on it). Do not leave in your child’s bag. We are only able to administer medication that is prescribed for your child.

Special Needs

Please inform and discuss with the Manager any special needs your child has so we can adequately provide for these. Any further requirements that may arise will be discussed with consultation of parents teachers and any required outside agencies.

Custody & access

Children will only be released from the Centre to the parents/guardians or authorized person, who are on the initial enrolment from. Should you wish your child to be collected by another adult, please ensure you inform the staff of this arrangement.

The centre requires a copy of any custody or access documents that relate to your child in order for us to enforce them.


Please let us know as soon as possible if your child is going to be away for any reason.

Children who do not attend full time are entitled to sick days which equal the same amount of days you are enrolled for (e.g. if your child is enrolled for 2 days a week, you are entitled to 2 sick days a year. These are able to be made up on another day. You need to phone on the day you would like to use your make up day to ensure there is a space available. We require a doctor’s certificate for any sick days taken.

We are sorry that no credit can be made for absences.

Withdrawing your Children

We require two weeks written notice (or fees paid in lieu), if for any reason, your child is to be withdrawn from the Centre.

If you would like to reduce your days, again this requires two weeks notice in writing. A request to increase days/times will depend on availability. Please ensure you sign a change of enrolment form for any changes made.

Change of Enrolment Information

Please advise the manager in writing of any change such as, address, phone numbers and allergies etc so that records can be kept up to date.

Also keep an eye on our notice boards and notices on the entry door and by the signing in sheets. Teachers and manager are available at most times to discuss any suggestions or concerns you may have. (please be aware of discussing any sensitive issues in front of your child). If you would like some un-interrupted time to talk, you may like to make an appointment.

In Room One & Two we always need interesting scrap materials and ‘junk’ for artwork and projects. e.g. Cardboard, wood, grocery packets, yogurt pots, wool and material scraps, paper, cardboard tubes (not toilet roll inners), bottle tops, plastic bottles, ice cream containers, buttons, etc., etc. Thank you!

Keep an eye out on our infant & toddler notice board for any treasures that we may be looking for.

We trust you are confident with your choice of Early Childhood Centre. We know you and your child will enjoy your time at Building Blocks Childcare and Early Learning Centre and we look forward to sharing this very important stage in your child’s life. Please do not hesitate to ask any of our staff if you have any questions which are not answered here. We are more than happy to help.

Your team at Building Blocks.
(Owners – Sandra and Gary Cully)

(Please refer to our Centre’s Policies and Management Plans for further detailed information.)