Planting Our Garden

Posted on May 25th, 2016. Filed under: General News, Room Two News.
The children are back in the garden!

The children are back in the garden!


The Room Two children are back in the garden again, for the first time this winter. Before planting the winter vegetables (spinach, cabbage and silver beet), they had to pull out the big weeds, then give the dirt a good dig to loosen up the ground.

This was the first visit to the garden for some of the children, but a few of them are veterans. We love having the garden as a part of our outdoor environment as it provides the children with many exciting and engaging learning experiences.

Angie revisited and discussed how to plant the plants, and examined each different plant’s roots with the children. She discussed the what the roots do for the plants and how important they are for survival. The children were all eager to be a part of this and showed a real enthusiasm to listen and observe. They also showed an empathetic side during the planting process, as they were supportive, kind and caring to one another and their plants.

In reference to our Early Childhood Curriculum, this experience links to many of our learning strands and goals, namely: Te Whariki Belonging Goal 2. This experience fostered a sense of belonging, as we observed the children feeling proud and connected to their work. This increases their sense of knowing that they have a place, and that their input is important and integral to the running of the programme. Please refer to the link above if you would like an in depth description of the curriculum goal.

The children have been revisiting the garden to water the plants on sunny days, and to check on their growth and development. This experience will be ongoing as the children develop a sense of responsibility, and watch their little plants grow and flourish.


We would also like to give a special shout out and thank you to Lachlan, who took such wonderful pictures, which allowed Angie to help the rest of the children with the watering.